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No cable failures after replacing the metal chain with plastic energy chain and cables from igus®.

Project description

Discharge station for crude metal/scrap metal for production of steel. Earlier metal chain and rubber/elastic cables were used with required accessories for the support (drive rollers, support drums), as identifiable from the photo. Due to the heavy weight of the metal chain, the prevailing dust load as well contamination with lubricants and oils, it was decided to replace the metal chain with a plastic energy chain. Main reason for the rush replacement was the permanently damaged cables in the metal chain, resulting from sharp edges and the continuous solar radiation.

Previous solution: Several additional devices necessary for the energy supply systems


After acceptance of the facility, the following igus® e-chains® and chainflex® cables were proposed by an igus® technician:

e-chains® series: 4040.36.200.0

chainflex® cables: CF35.40.04, CF10.15.04, CF9.15.12, CF310.350.01, CFPE.350.01

Almost maintenance-free solution for the energy supply system with plastic products from igus®. Ideally aligned materials and experience from numerous similar applications worldwide enhance this application's service life in steel works and reduces costs. On request, igus® offers a system guarantee for such applications.
The replacement of the energy supply system and the cables took hardly two working days. The application runs without any problem since November 2007.

End point of the travel

igus e-chains® system for energy supply

Energy chains integrated in a steel factory in Isfahan/Iran

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