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Tube-type bar stock

Like the round rods, tubes made of iglidur® bar stock can be ordered in individual lengths from 100 to 1000 mm and with an outer diameter of 110, 125 and 150 mm. Due to the low coefficients of frictions during dry operation and the good resistance to chemicals, the hollow rods made of plastic are used in many applications and are also easy to machine. Due to their lubrication-free use, the plastic tubes are especially suitable where high hygienic requirements have to be fulfilled such as in medical equipment or the food and packaging industry. Moreover, the low wear of the tube-type bar stock guarantees a substantial reduction of maintenance times and the costs incurred ´due to shutdowns. The absence of lubrication simplifies cleaning of the material and shortens the time needed for this.




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iglidur® J, halvfabrikat som rör
  • Låg nötning med många olika axelmaterial
  • Låga friktionskoefficienter i torr drift
  • Vibrationsdämpande
  • Bra kemikaliebeständighet
  • Optimala egenskaper vid mjuka axlar
  • Låg fuktupptagning

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