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Tech up & cost down
motion plastics for
steel works

Resistant to heat and dust under extreme conditions

From steel mills and coke plants, steel works, foundries and rolling mills to material storage - igus offers a suitable energy supply solution for all requirements of a modern, integrated steel work.  Extreme conditions such as heat and dust development, high demands on precision, long travels and partly high dynamic movements require individual solutions for every application.
We have the solution for almost every requirement and we entirely dispense with steel and other metals in our materials. Steel systems have already been successfully replaced by energy supply systems made of high-performance polymers due to their exceptional suitability in many heavy-duty areas.

The requirements are high, we fulfil them:

  • Cost-effective, modular design
  • Proven, tested material with igus system guarantee
  • Durability with low maintenance
  • Resistant to corrosion, dirt, chemicals and high temperatures
  • Lightweight and high strength
  • TÜV tested

New products in 2021

3 new products in less than 2 minutes

In the video: the highlights for steel works

Amongst 168 novelties are also motion plastics especially for steel works. Industry Manager Michael Berteit will present them to you in less than two minutes.
These include, e.g. the compact e-drum:

  • Uninterrupted energy supply without slip ring
  • Alsofor data, fluids and air
  • Protection of the cables due to closed energy chain
  • Long service life

Find out more about e-drum

Complete system for long travels, aluminium or galvanised steel

e-chain® for the coming generations of STS cranes

Predictive maintenance for heavy-duty applications

Curious about more innovations? You can find the news overview here.

e-chain E4.1

Energy chain E4.1
For high loads, long unsupported lengths and also for sliding applications.

e-chain 4040HD

e-chain series 4040HD/5050HD
High tensile stability (20% higher tensile strength than in the series 4040). Standard for long travels.

rol e-chain® 5050RHD

e-chain series 4040R/5050R
Travels up to 800m possible. Speeds of up to 6 m/s possible

e-chain series P4.1

e-chain series P4.1
Travels of more than 1,000m.  Speeds of more than 5m/s.  Low vibration and noise thanks to split profile roller.


Ready-to-connect energy supplies
Ready-to-install e-chain systems and harnessed cables for your machines. No minimum order quantity, delivery in 1 to 10 days!

chainflex cables

chainflex cables
For the use in energy chains. Numerous types of cable with different approvals and certificates of conformity.

Predictive maintenance

smart plastics enhance the reliability of your systems.
Intelligent products report the maintenance date during operation and integrate seamlessly into your processes.

Find out more about smart plastics

Successfully in use in steel works

Energy supply at the slab transport crane in Thyssen Krupp's hot rolling mill

Secure energy supply during the transport of slabs
In Thyssen Krupp's hot rolling mill in Duisburg, a harnessed readychain energy chain supplies the company BANG's 180t slab transport crane reliably with energy. Tight installation space, resistance to high temperatures and heavy contamination, and a trouble-free operation - the igus solution fulfils the requirements perfectly and was installed on the crane bridgewithin a short time.

Energy supply at the outdoor crane of Corus Rail's steel works

Heavy duty for English steel work
At the railway engineering supplier "Corus Rail", igus energy chains on indoor and outdoor cranes replace former free-hanging festoons. We designed the fully harnessed new energy supply system consisting of strong plastic energy chains, aluminium guide troughs and chainflex cables specifically for dynamic applications in rough, corrosive environments.

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