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dryspin® lead screw support block, fixed bearing with clamping rings incl. Thread, right-hand thread

Product description
Corrosion-free bearing blocks for lead screws
dryspin® laser sintering bearing blocks

Practical lead screw bearing blocks are available for thread sizes 6 - 24 mm. Options for mounting with plain bearings or ball bearings (BB) with higher dynamics. All lead screw support blocks, like the matching lead screw clamp rings, are supplied in anodised aluminium.

► Lubrication-free and maintenance-free
► Housing for lead screw support
► Mounting holes for your mounting
► Laser sintering bearing blocks available for lead screws of 6 - 20 mm diameter
► Types for TR and DS thread

FB: Fixed bearing with anodised clamping ring with right-hand thread and lubrication-free iglidur® plain bearing
FL: Floating bearing with lubrication-free iglidur® plain bearing
LH: Left-hand thread option, only TR10x2, TR10x3, TR18x4 and TR24x5


Why are there different types?

To determine the application parameters we must consider the position and direction of the forces within the system. To control these forces and ensure correct operation we use fixed and floating bearings the fixed type are used to control the accuracy and the floating bearings are used to allow for misalignment. There are different bearing options, such as the fixed floating bearing and the double-sided floating bearing.

Fixed floating bearing:
The fixed bearing clearly positions the shaft in an axial direction. The fixed bearing must therefore absorb both radial and axial forces and guide them into the surrounding structure. This can basically be done by a single bearing. The floating bearing corrects parallelism errors and offers thermal expansion capability, which means that the cable is not stressed.

Advantages of the fixed floating bearing
► No axial clearance
► Expansion of the shaft (e. g. due to temperature) uncritical
► Suitable for alternating axial loads
► Clarity of the acting forces 

Double-sided floating bearing:
In a double-sided floating bearing arrangement, the lead screw is not clearly fixed in the axial direction. This means that mechanical or thermal changes in length can be absorbed without causing stress on the bearing, however the lead screw is not protected against movement This has to be considered in particular when dealing with positioning applications.

Advantages double-sided floating bearing:
► Cost-effective
► Low design cost
► Expansion of the shaft (e. g. due to temperature) in the range of the clearance uncritical

► Not clearly fixed in axial direction
► Not suitable for alternating axial loads
► Only if axial clearance does not cause any functional influence



Fixed bearing (FB):

Depending on the thread dimension, this version is clamped in the thread itself or on the outside diameter of the lead screw. For high helix lead screws, it is always the outer diameter that it is clamped to.

► Note: You can also choose a bearing block for your application that uses the measurement d1 for clamping onto the turned machined end.

Floating bearing (FL):
Depending on the lead screw's dimensions, a machined end has to be turned to the value d1. You can see below which dimensions this applies to. The floating bearing block merely supports the lead screw. This type does not prevent the lead screw from drifting.

Ball Bearing Version (BB):
This bearing block should always be used when the application is highly dynamic, such as when using a motor


Design instruction for lead screw end machining:
Part numberd1 mm                                                                                                                              

► Note on maximum load capacity: it can exceed the lead screw nut's maximum load
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